About Us


KUMI SKIN 久美 – Started off with the curiosity to source out for effective skincare products that can protect cells from damage to achieve healthy skin. Constant exposure to sun and digital gadgets has been a daily routine for most people and this is inevitably speeding up the aging process.

Desired to achieve healthy skin, the research begins. Antioxidants were zoomed in and identified as being one of the main keys to healthier-looking skin. We often have to take superfoods to help in reducing radical damage to our cells and antioxidants in skincare works like topical skin supplements which we need to include as part of our daily skincare regime. 

​​It is essential that the skincare used daily is effective and forms your own cell defence mechanism to protect your skin. ​​Respecting our skin's ability to regenerate and to allow it to breathe is critical. The approach in our skincare simplifies steps in creating supple and ageless glow; inheriting the concept of minimalism in Japan beauty.

At KUMI SKIN, we would love to help you to achieve a healthy glowing skin with products infused with power antioxidants and natural ingredients that symphony well with your skin. Give your skin a boost now by offering them the best defence!

A good skincare routine can be a good self-care.  So, do give your skin a little love. Having beautiful skin can enhance your confidence and will make an impact in your life.

Good skin starts here.

Are you ready to join us on the journey to discover your beauty and a more confident you? 


Believing less is more. Simplicity with effective ingredients to rejuvenate your skin and mind.

We emphasize ritual to build on products that work for your skin and with just a few steps in everyday lifestyle.

KUMI SKIN is dedicated to create a line of super antioxidant products to protect skin from cellular damage caused by pollutants in our environment, and to keep skin youthful for a long time. Our products have gone through stringent formulation without the use of alcohol, ethanol, parabens, UV absorbers, mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactant, synthetic colors and fragrance. We constantly seek the latest innovation based on science and research to ensure each product is carefully crafted using ingredients that have been researched and clinically proven to ensure quality.